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The Cambridge Way

The Cambridge system provides internationally recognized education programmes and qualifications that lead seamlessly from primary through secondary and pre-university years. We provide such qualifications as Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS Level. Which opens doors for learners worldwide.

Pre-Primary (Age 3-6)

Play is the work of young children. Play is essential to growth, for through play the child develops security, resourcefulness, imagination, initiative, social awareness, cultural heritage, physical well-being. Therefore the curriculum of our pre-primary school consists of enriched play experiences in a favourable environment with wonderful resources and guided by competent teachers.

Primary (Grade R-7)

Our aim is that they not only meet and if possible surpass existing educational standards, but that they also find learning exciting, compelling and intrinsically worthwhile. We aim for them to appreciate the richness of their own and each other’s cultures, to understand the importance of physical activity to health, and to become competent and social beings who have sound, secure and healthy self-concepts to help them face the challenges that await them in their lives.

High School (Grade 8-12)

Our mission is to guide students to become productive and contributing members of society. In a safe and caring environment, the Academy will provide a strong academic and co-curricular program. The staff shall coordinate the resources of the school and community in such ways that students respect themselves and others, appreciate the value of diversity and individual creativity, recognize the problems and opportunities of change, seek a set of moral standards that allows them to thrive in the world they inherit, and experience the joy of learning as a lifelong process.