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Kroonstad Academy

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On behalf of all of the staff and students, I am very proud to welcome you to our school community. Our entire staff has a strong commitment to student achievement, and I consider myself fortunate to be the school principal of an outstanding group of professionals.

Kroonstad Academy aims to provide a supportive community within a happy environment, where everyone is motivated and challenged to achieve their potential. We believe that our emphasis on quality and high standards, in both work and behavior, will provide our children with a positive attitude for life and a firm foundation on which to base their future learning.


To operate a school for the benefit and advantage of the community named Kroonstad Academy.

The school shall be focused to provide an education to all boys and girls.


  • To deliver tutoring of exceptional quality to all boys and girls.
  • To academically enable students to enter any tertiary institute, locally and internationally, after successful completion of Grade 12.
  • To develop competent personnel to become optimal experts in the service of education.
  • To establish competent facilities in order to maintain a high standard of academic and technological skills, supported by cultural and sporting activities.
  • To nurture in pupils a sense of pride in their own, while considering the rich variety of cultures and the realization that interaction with other cultures can only be enriching.
  • To educate the child in his or her totality for the future.


Kroonstad Academy was founded when parents took the initiative in reaction to the changing educational environment in the country.

It offers the complete spectrum of education – from Grade 000 to matric with a maximum of 25 students per class. Didactics and methodics are adapted to be in line with the modern multi-cultural society and no stereotyped systems which suppress individualism are tolerated.

Kroonstad Academy provides optimal development in a peaceful yet disciplined milieu with emphasis on Christian principles. Balance between academic, cultural, sporting and societal activities is of great importance to us.

All appointments are made by the management in collaboration with the headmaster and parents are regards as clients.


  • Me Greta Wessels - Principal
  • Me Charisma Nelson - Pre-Primary Teacher and Aftercare
  • Me Louise Fourie - Pre-Primary Teacher
  • Me Ameera Hoosan - Pre-Primary Teacher
  • Me Derona Janse Van Rensburg - Pre-Primary Teacher
  • Me Michelle Swart - Junior Primary Teacher
  • Me Danel Fourie - Junior Primary Teacher
  • Me Melissa Du Plessis - Junior Primary Teacher
  • Me Micarla Boucher - Junior Primary Teacher
  • Me Nikita Nunes - Senior Primary and High School Teacher
  • Me Ireen Jv Rensburg - Senior Primary Teacher
  • Mr David Lebone - Senior Primary and High School Teacher
  • Me Lorraine Snyman - High School Teacher
  • Mr Mosekimang Maelangoe - High School Teacher
  • Me Chrisilla Swanepoel - Senior Primary and High School Teacher
  • Mr Roux Wessels - Senior Primary and High School Teacher
  • Mr Braam Keyser - Primary and High School Teacher
  • Me Fleur de Wet - Senior Primary and High School Teacher
  • Mr Kgotso Theletsane - High School Teacher
  • Mr Stephan Bornman - High School Teacher
  • Me Louise Fouche - Administration
  • Me Aletta Lekoana - Pre-Primary Assistant
  • Me Sylvia Oliphant - Junior Primary Assistant
  • Me Bettie Monatisa - Pre-Primary Assistant
  • Me Masabata Shale - Pre-Primary Assistant
  • Mr Fonkie Makale - Supporting Staff
  • Mr Johannes Mahlatsi - Supporting Staff
  • Mr Josephine Motingoe - Supporting Staff